What are some email marketing trends to look for in 2012? Thumbnail

What are some email marketing trends to look for in 2012?

2011 was an exciting year for the email marketing industry, but just like every other one to ever come along, it must come to an end. And while there were some new things here and there, the game remained the same for the most part. So what can we look forward to next year? No one knows for sure, but that has not stopped industry experts from forecasting what they believe will be hot and worthy of a bandwagon ride. On that note, following are a few trends to look out for in 2012.

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Deeper Mobile Integration

Mobile marketing took a huge step forward in 2011, and there is no reason to believe it will not continue to move forward next year. As one of the most widely used services among smartphone owners, we can expect mobile email usage to rise as well. With more consumers reading mail on an iPhone or Android-powered device, marketers will need to shift their focus to creating campaigns that are designed with the mobile user in mind. It also would not be surprising to see more businesses integrating mobile elements such as SMS and location-based communications. Marketers who choose to ignore this promising platform in 2012 will be missing out, for sure.

Greater Focus on Relevance

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In the world of email marketing, the importance of relevance seems to increase each year, and 2012 will likely continue the trend. So why does relevance become a bigger factor year in and year out? Because consumers are constantly focusing their energy in different areas. These days, the average email user is also indulging in all the web has to offer, in addition to dealing with the grind of everyday life. To be frank, their attention span is shorter than ever. Email marketers who want to score with the busy, digital savvy consumer in 2012 will need to make sure their communications are timely, and as relevant as possible.

More Automation

Last year, several experts predicted that marketing automation would be one of the biggest email marketing trends for 2011. While most of the focus was on expensive software solutions designed to help with aspects such as list management, campaign creation, and lead generation, we saw a number of marketers take a route that was more affordable, yet equally effective for their own objectives. For most, this was done via drip campaigns and trigger-based messages. Look for this to be an increasingly popular trend next year. With the strategic use of autoresponders, marketers can dramatically simplify their efforts while retaining all the qualities needed to intrigue, engage, and build relationships with subscribers.

The Year of Email Marketing

Email marketing grows each year, continually evolving into a tool that is more accessible, compatible, and effective. 2012 could be the year we see it take some of its biggest steps yet. Are you coming along for the ride?


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    Thank you for your analysis on email marketing. Though Automation is more effcient than before, it has a problem. Is it proper to send same conten to different receivers? I’m from b2b platform weiku.com.

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